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Our Story

Wondering what's behind our name? In addition to the literal English meaning, GAGA also means "super delicious" in Northeastern China, where our founding team is from. This is exactly how we feel about Chinese takeout: we literally go gaga over this food!


We founded GAGA with a mission: to lead a movement to reimagine Chinese takeout for a new generation, at prices that can't be beat. We work with award-winning chefs from back home in China to develop our menu that includes the classic everyone loves, and regional MaLa Dry Pot dishes. Every dish at GAGA Chinese Kitchen uses high quality ingredients, is made-to-order, and most importantly tastes really, really good.

At GAGA, everything we do is about you. Welcome to the new era of Chinese takeout food. We can't wait for you to join us for a tastier takeout experience! 

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